May 6, 2020

WordPress security is essential for your website. It helps to protect you from lots of malware and vulnerabilities. Your WordPress Security should never be taken lightly. A lot of damage can come out from having your website hacked. Hackers can steal your customers and valuable information which can damage your business revenue and reputation. There are a lot of things website developers do not know when it comes to buying WordPress security

wordpress security
  • Not all security products include a firewall. Most of you buy security products for firewalls but not all come with it especially security plugins for WordPress. Firewall helps to protect your website from a wide range of vulnerabilities and attacks like SQL injection attacks, remote code execution, cross site scripting and cross site request forgery attacks. It is the strongest form of security for WordPress out there.  
  • Your WordPress Security needs to be updated regularly. Technology evolves every second and every minute you turn away. Same happens to WordPress security. The more security is hardened, the more the attackers adapt to it and also find better ways to attack. Lots of bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed every time a new version comes out. They can’t be updated only when the software is upgraded. They need to be updated constantly via a ‘feed’. This helps you avoid vulnerabilities, bugs, and potential security breach points and keeps you updated on any invasion.
  • Some security services affect website performance negatively. Some scanners tend to use the website resources to run their operations. This affects the website and causes it to slow down which will affect your website usability hence affect your ranking and number of page visitors. 
  • Malware scanners are different and some don’t check very much. Always have this at the back of your mind when choosing a malware scanner for WordPress so that you carefully choose one that does a deep thorough scan of your site. There are several scanners that scan for only specific malware whose existence is known and rely on signature matching to find malware on a hacked site. Malware authors have become very creative in how and where they hide malware once they’ve compromised your website so always choose a scanner that does a deep thorough scan of your site.
  • WordPress security with more features does not guarantee better protection. There are many security plugins on the market due to lots of bugs and vulnerabilities invading technology. So as to compete in the software market and be the top dog, most developers have introduced many features to the security plugins so as to attract buyers leaving their security with a lot to desire.

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