Larry from IT is a team of website developers and designers that aim at empowering small business owners, big businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals to grow big through working online. Since the internet is becoming vital, important and the new normal, our dream is to help you put your business out there in the online world. We specialise in website development, website maintenance and SEO optimization. At Larry From IT, we create websites for customers from scratch. This also involves arranging the design and implementing it. We get the designs from clients and our role is to implement the technical part. We also offer maintenance services as a subscription to our customers, update your SEO, upload articles, change pictures and so much more. We pride in working as a team to build things we are all proud of and to our customer satisfaction. Our headquarters are found in Kampala, Uganda.

Do you have or need a website or if you have one, does it need an update? Let us do it for you. Reach us or contact us.