June 12, 2020

Blogging is like story telling. You just have to pick your theme(s) and concentrate on it/them. The most popular and famously read blogs are the good quality blogs. Blogs consist of web pages that need to be updated on a regular basis with content that the readers of the blog can find inspirational or educational. Blogs are a great way to learn a lot of new things and are a good source of entertainment. There are millions of blogs out there on the internet. Some have died out due to lost interest or their owners giving up on the idea, while others have thrived and continued to grow and their owners have made lots of money from them. 

Lots of people have made careers from blogging. Some have become magazine editors, column writers, publishers and others have become consultants in a particular field, motivational speakers and so much more. Many successful bloggers have reached there because they produce content their readers want to read by focusing their blog on a specific niche. To make lots of money from blogging, you need to choose a niche to focus on wisely. I present to you some of the niches to choose from that will make you popular and have great potential for generating money and traffic for you.  

Travel blogs

There is no bigger love than the love of traveling. Travel blogs have a great potential of attracting traffic. Travel blogs enable your audience and readers to live through you and your experiences. With travel blogs, you can write a review on restaurants, places, countries and also tell stories of the various places you have visited.

Interior design blogs

With interior design blogs, you get to help people with decorating and designing their spaces. Many people have discovered their success from this blog niche. Many have shown their expertise through this blog niche and have become consultants and experts. An example of an interior design blog includes; Christy from The Harper House by Christy and her husband who are house-flippers and make over $6000 per month with their interior design blog.  

Parenting blogs

These blogs are a resource to many parents, especially expecting parents out there. They give a lot of advice about what it means to be a parent, how to handle children and mostly the journey of motherhood. Examples include; We The ParentsDad and Buried, among others. To be popular under this niche, you must be obsessed with children and know more about parenting.

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E-learning blogs

Many people who have particular knowledge or skills that they are passionate about, often go for this type of niche. Put the skill into  writing and share it and there are people everywhere looking to gain new knowledge and skills online, from the comfort of their home. You can give guitar lessons, coding lessons, dog training lessons, tutorials about using any kind of software, language lessons, and pretty much anything else you want. The Internet has made learning and knowledge accessible to everyone.

Food blogs

Food is personally the lover that I hold dear to my heart. I constantly check out food blogs looking for recipes and tips. There are many foodies out there like me. Many blogs are out there making it big in the food section offering recipes that will appeal to your heart and some even have videos to pair with those recipes, as well as social media channels that all connect to the blog in some way. 

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Health blogs

Many people across the globe are obsessed with their looks, appearance and health and this is enough to drive traffic to your blog and make for you lots of money. With a health blog, you can focus all your energy on health and fitness tips like healthy recipes, gym workouts, diets, morning routines, at-home workouts and many other things. You can also write about foods, supplements, exercise products, and much more.

Fashion blogs. 

Fashion is one of those ever growing trends and industry. Every passing day, in this modern era, a new fashion trend is being invented. To be popular and on top of your game under this blog niche, you need to be updated with all the gowing fashion trends. Fashion blogs help to guide readers in choosing clothes for particular events. What to wear and what not to wear. You will be surprised by how many people rely on these blogs to get by.

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lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs focus on a bunch of things like how people are living their lives in terms of beauty, travel, food and so much more. They talk about what they like to do, where they like to eat and shop among other things. This is essentially the most versatile blog niche. Examples of popular lifestyle blogs are Passion fruit, paws, and peonies by Maria that targets women in their 40s and 50s, then we have A Cup Of Jo by Joanna and he talks a lot about life and motherhood, as well as style, food, design, travel and relationships.

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