May 22, 2020

When it comes to your business, you have to be wise. Not everything works for your business. If you thought digital marketing channels were the exception, sorry to bust your bubble. Not all digital marketing channels will be right for your business. You have to look at the cost, how efficiently and effectively they work for your business without wasting time and money hopping aboard the latest trendy channel, which doesn’t actually reach your target audience. Today i bring you tips to consider when choosing the right digital marketing channel.

Choosing the right marketing channels for your business

Consider your goals.  It Is easier to determine what you want to engage in if you have your goals and objectives in front of you. Ask yourself, what you want to achieve from marketing? What do you want? Are you looking to boost brand awareness? Create more brand loyalty? Are you merely interested in increasing revenue or customers? All these have different approaches. Maybe you want to see an increase in sales of your goods and services. Whatever your goals, getting clear on them sets the foundation for your marketing strategy. All channels work differently for example, to strengthen your relationship with the existing market base, you can opt for social media. To increase brand awareness, you can opt for campaigns or billboards. To get new customers, you can opt for funneling or cold emailing. Your goals are a great way to guide you on what digital marketing channel to use.

Identify your budget. You have to know how much you are willing to spend on your digital marketing campaign. You wouldn’t want to go with a channel you can not afford. Since each channel needs you to invest in it whether organic or paid,our budget plays an important role in choosing the right marketing channels. You need to prioritize the marketing channels based on how much you are willing to invest.

Check out your competition. The beauty about competition is that it gives you a little perspective and insight on what you should and should not do. Competition gives you direction. You need to look at and analyze your most successful competitors and find out what channels they used to get where they are and what channels they are using now. This will guide you on what digital marketing channels you should adopt. 

Choose a digital marketing channel based on your team’s skill. This is important because it is cost and time wasting to choose a channel that your team does not specialise in. Take for instance what if you choose SEO as a primary way to attract visitors but your marketer specializes in social media marketing. This is costly and time wasting given in a situation where you have less time to increase your traffic yet you need to hire an SEO expert which takes time on its own. Every marketing channel needs specialized skills and knowledge to be leveraged effectively.

Consider your target audience and where they hangout. You should be able to understand your customers, leads and target audience. Find out what kind of media they usually consume, what websites or apps they frequently visit and what words are they searching on Google. In case you need your marketing strategy to be effective, you need to know exactly where and when to communicate with your target audience, customers and leads because in this era, people are constantly pitched to and bombarded with media clutter every day. That means not trying to reach them where you want them to be but rather targeting them where they’re already hanging out.

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