May 18, 2020

Digital marketing is the online and electronic marketing strategy for a business. It involves utilizing any digital or Internet accessible portal to increase your brand presence and reach consumers so as to market your businesses. In this era, the world is online and the internet has become the new normal. Lots of people own smartphones and spend 24 hours a week online. Statistics show that an average person spends 9.4 hours online. Businesses now operate online so digital marketing is here to stay. Digital marketing has many mediums. You can choose to operate through all or choose those that efficiently work for you and your business. These include.

Digital marketing

Social media networks. You can use social media to your advantage. It is the perfect base for your media market and audience as it has a large gathering and following. Today’s millennials are hoarding time on social media for many reasons such as passing their time scrolling through the internet. Establish yourself on all popular social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedIn, etc so as to engage your target audience and make your brand or business known. Use social media listening tools to assess the number of clicks and views your content generates

Video sharing sites. Videos are a form of content. Content marketing like video sharing is compelling enough to turn visitors into leads then into customers. You can upload videos on Youtube or Vimeo, the two popular video streaming platforms, about your business and brand. You can also try out podcasts and webinars, or videos like tutorials and how-to guides. 

Digital marketing

Blog sites. Blogs are regularly updated websites or web pages run by an individual or small group, and are written in an informal or conversational style.Their purpose is to aid marketing to a targeted audience. Blogging helps business owners to engage with customers, get more website traffic from search engines and it also connects similar thinkers and communities of people worldwide. Establishing a blog is always the first step to establish your brand’s online presence and develop a marketing strategy that focuses on specific content to interest your targeted audience. Company Websites

Emailing. Emails help you nurture your visitors into leads and support your content marketing endeavors. Emails make it easy for you to reach out to your potential customers and convert them to real clients. Your customers also get to reach out to you in case of queries and provide you with feedback about your services and this is a step to improvement and development. As such, your contact with your customers creates a bond between you and them which makes them choose your product or services over your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization. Search engines play a major role in promoting online visibility of a brand and business. Promoting your brand on a search engine helps Google accredit your reputation and motivates consumers to learn more about your business’s legacy. There are many ways to optimize your search engine like writing content for your website that has the capability to rank higher, using long-tail search keywords throughout your content so as to rank highly due to less search volume and competitiveness. You can also optimize your SEO by referring to link-building strategies through earned media. 

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