June 11, 2020

Social media contests are a fan way to generate huge audience engagement on social media. It is a fun way to keep your following happy, engaged and excited. It is the most effective method for your digital marketing. Having social media contests is more than just having a social media contest. It takes a lot of planning to pull off a successful social media contest. You need to set your goals straight, know your audience, know what social media platform to engage and you also need to understand the rules that run the platform. It’s not about holding social media contests and giveaway products and prizes just because you see other brands doing it. 

social media contests

How does a social media contest work for your digital marketing?

Believe it or not, social media contests are integral to strengthening your marketing efforts and helping you reach a new audience, boost your brand, increase your email and boost your social media engagement to keep your audience happy and loyal. Below is how.

Creating brand awareness

Social media contests have a potential of increasing your brand visibility. People are more likely to see and learn about your brand. You can pair with other businesses in the social media contest and giveaways and this can enable your brand get seen by new audiences. All you can do is ask your followers to share and comment as a requirement for joining the contests and also partnering with different brands or influencers and requiring each person’s audience to follow all of the giveaway partners. This will get your brand to be seen and known.

Growing your social media following

You can set the rules of your contest in such a way that for one to be part of the contest, they have to be your social media followers and have to invite other people to like your page, have to share and comment. This, not only can it make your brand visible and popular, it can also help to grow your following, increasing the percentage of people that might see your content.

social media contests

Increasing your email list

Contest and giveaways are one of the greatest ways to increase your lead generation. As a way of gaining entry into the social media contest, you can request your following to first subscribe to your email newsletter to double their chances of winning or by simply telling people to sign up and enter their name and email address as a form of entry as long as you detail what they’re signing up for in your opt-in box and terms and conditions. 

Boosting your social media engagement

Social media contests are a great way to make your brand active and engaging. They create a certain buzz around your page that gets your followers engaging with your content. This helps to keep your followers interested and creates a long lasting relationship between your brand and the followers and in the long run creates brand loyalty. 

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