May 19, 2020

Social media is one of the solutions to opt for during your digital marketing outreach. It is the perfect base for your media market and audience as it has a large gathering and following. The world is now online. Millennial’s are hoarding time on social media for many reasons such as passing their time scrolling through the internet. Given the amount of time spent online and on social media, establish yourself on all popular social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc so as to engage your target audience and make your brand or business known with every piece of content you publish on the internet.

social media

 Use social media listening tools to assess the number of clicks and views your content generates. To do all of this, you need an audience. Growing a social media audience is not easy but here are basic tips to take you through it.

Use hashtags. Hashtags are important and can help you grow your audience by exposing your posts to new people who may not be following you. With all this said, put in mind that choosing the right hashtags is essential and crucial. You can use popular hashtags and endeavor to use them strategically and sparingly. You can check out and to find ones that are relevant to your audience and your content. You can also use trending hashtags on twitter especially if what is trending on twitter is of interest to your followers. People searching that particular hashtag might come across your post, and will hopefully check you out and even follow you.

Post and share content. Everyone these days can create and share content especially via social media. Everywhere is packed with content, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. If you want to grow your audience, you need to keep your audience engaged by sharing your content. This will also make your visitors share your content hence increasing your follower. The question is, what kind of content are you going to post or share? Well, first of all, it should be high quality content both written, images and videos. Sharing high quality content with your audience will help establish your company and personal brand.

social media

Use social media contests. Contests are engaging and interesting. They are a great way to keep your audience happy while getting new people to Like and follow your accounts. One of the tips to a successful social media contest is for you to promote it everywhere. Some examples of social media contests include; comment to win, where participants leave a comment or answer a question, caption contest where the best caption or the one with the most likes wins, etc. These contests expose you to new possible followers.

Try visual branding. Try sharing and posting visuals via social media. Visuals like images, videos and gif’s are enticing and are high-performers on social media. Always make them eye-catching and colorful. This can get you over 94% more views. Also compared to other types of content, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media.

Work with influencers. Influencers are people on social media with a great following and who are greatly looked up to by people in your industry. Working with them is probably one of the best ways to grow your audience organically.  You should choose the right influencer, one who makes sense to your brand and products and not one with a lot of followers alone though it is also important. Share the content of your influencer to keep your audience engaged, tag your favorite influencer in a post and you can also get the influencer to buy or use your products and services so as to influence their audience to like and follow you. These influencers could tag your social media platforms on their platforms hence attracting a big audience for you.

Engage your audience. It is not enough to just get followers. You need to engage them and keep them interested. Be entertaining and endeavor to use humor to make things interesting. One way to engage your followers is to try and react to posts you are mentioned in, answer questions when asked, and reply to comments made about your content. People love to interact with brands on social media. The more you do it, the more inclined they’ll be to follow or stick around for me. 

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