June 24, 2020

Advertising on your blog is simply another way to create revenue for yourself. It is the dream of many bloggers to turn their blogs into money making blogs and one way to monetize your blog is through advertisement. Usually, companies look for ad spaces from websites and blogs, a great niche market usually related to their products or services, a blog or website with tons of traffic and those with the promise of good ad placement. Even though your blog does not get advertisers coming to you for advertising, there are still lots of ways to get direct ads with sponsors and make money advertising. Below are 4 ways to secure direct ad deals with sponsors in the early days of your blog.

Create an ‘advertise here’ page on your blog

You can never know what your readers are in real life. Your readers could be marketing and advertising heads of other companies in your niche or could be knowing someone who is in need of an advertisement space and also falls under your blog niche. The ‘advertise here’ page can easily get you an advertisement without you moving even an inch.

Visit other blogs or websites that fall under your niche

Check out who is advertising on them and try to approach these sponsors via email. Chances are these sponsors need more advertising space from blogs with a niche like yours and are already experienced with direct advertising, so there are more chances to get the positive response from them.

Use google to find the direct advertisers

You can directly google for the advertisers and pick out those relevant to your blog topics or you can just type in keywords relevant to your blog topics and see what kind of advertising links or companies you’re getting. Approach them through mails or contact form on their website.

Identify and check out affiliate and other programs relevant to your niche

There are many advertising programs that would be interested in creating advertising relationships. Check out affiliates like PPC, CPM and many others. You can contact them for direct advertising also. There are also many other advertising programs which may be interested in giving you direct advertisements for your blog and which are relevant to your blog niche.

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