May 29, 2020

There is a lot of money from being social. The world is online these days especially on social media. It is no wonder digital marketing is the new normal. Making money via social media can be easy if you put your mind to it. All you have to do is put yourself out there and get a following or create an audience of your own. Establish yourself on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on. After all this is done, then you can go on and make money. Below I bring you some of the popular ways to monetize your Facebook page.

monetize your facebook page

Sell digital content directly

There is a lot of digital content people are interested in buying and Facebook is the best platform to sell such wares. There are different kinds of digital content you can create and also sell that people would be interested in. These include articles, white papers, e-books, photos, music, videos or audios. All you can do is create a Shopify store if you want to sell directly on Facebook, or you can use Instamojo, a link using which people can make payments. This only helps if your audience and followers respect your brand and expertise. EBooks are also easy because Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have distribution platforms which you can take advantage of.

Use your page to sell your services

To do this, you have to establish your brand, build awareness for your services and let your audience trust you by showing your expertise in various fields. Professionals usually use Facebook as a way to establish their brand by helping their followers and audience through giving free advice. Later on, they use their pages to sell their services and products. Facebook does a fantastic job of promoting your brand if you keep posting valuable content to your followers. 

monetize your facebook page

Do affiliate marketing

You can use your page to join the network of affiliate marketing. Having a large Facebook audience and following is very beneficial in affiliate marketing because you need to have a lot of visitors to your Facebook page so that at least a small portion of them will click on the affiliate link and make a purchase. Once you are a part of an affiliate network, just posting a link will be enough to gain attribution for your contribution. Some of the best ways to spread word about your affiliate product is to post the links on your personal feed and ask your friends and family to share it or post the affiliate links on relevant Facebook groups.

Promote other small facebook pages

Having a big following and audience for your Facebook page attracts lots of promoters for other small Facebook pages. Always make sure you do not cover your great content trying to promote and give shout outs to those small pages because it will leave your audiences bored and left out hence  losing them. Never dilute your brand. You can charge a premium for this and give shout-outs to only 2-3 pages per week.

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