May 6, 2020

WordPress Firewall is one of the strongest security measures that you can not get passed by easily. The word Firewall originates from a historic wall that was built with the intention of confining a fire within a line of adjacent buildings. Firewalls help to protect your website from a wide range of vulnerabilities and attacks like SQL injection attacks, remote code execution, cross site scripting and cross site request forgery attacks. The Firewall filters all the incoming traffic from the outside world that wants access to your WordPress site and also controls what the computers on your network may send to the outside world.

web application firewall

It also protects Internet applications that use HTTP to send and receive information between client and a web-server and works in the way that it disconnects the web connection and send an alert to the network administrator when it detects any malicious threat in any of the HTTP requests it analyses that are sent to the website. It makes sure that only clean traffic is passed to the origin server, while the unclean or infected traffic is blocked or discarded.  Web Application Firewalls identify and filter potentially malicious traffic using a set of rules and/or machine-learning algorithms.  A list of known attacks called signatures is used to filter and when the payload of a HTTP request matches a signature it means the request is malicious. It has often been proven that installing Firewalls is one of the most reliable ways to harden your security. 

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