May 18, 2020

Digital marketing  involves the Internet or an electronic device hence it is marketing that exists online. It involves emails, social media, content marketing, mobile marketing and SEO optimization. As the internet has become the new normal, businesses have decided to invade the internet since the world is all online.  Lots of people own smartphones and spend 24 hours a week online. Statistics show that an average person spends 9.4 hours online. You got to step up and bring your business to people in their new online world. Here are reasons why you should adopt digital marketing so as to build your brand and grow your business. 

Digital marketing

It builds credibility and community for your products and services. Digital marketing makes your services popular and recognisable across the globe since it has a loyal following for a good customer base. A business that is viewed as a recognisable, well-reputed brand, the business’ credibility increases both within its industry, as well as amongst its customers. This builds loyalty and community for your products and services which leads to a considerable increase in web traffic, conversion rates, engagement with blogs and social media, and potentially higher rates of media interest too. 

Improves your business visibility and outreach. The Internet is used by many people everywhere. We live in the modern era where the internet is the new normal. It has a global reach and digital marketing makes your business known by many people in various parts of the world. It will be seen by a larger audience than your sales team. People everywhere will be able to access your brand, be aware of your products and services. Your business will gain some recognition which will increase your chances by potential customers.

Digital marketing

It increases Brand Equity. Higher brand equity is linked to a higher market share which creates an opportunity for a premium pricing structure. Brand equity is related to how consumers think and feel about a brand, and how well a brand commands market share and profit within its industry. It helps to reduce on the paid advertising costs associated with gaining traffic or awareness. 

Digital marketing helps you nature your contacts through the full customer journey which creates trust between you and your customers. From the get go, you get time to educate your customers about your products and services. Digital marketing tools like emails, social media. Mobile, etc. makes it easy for you to reach out to your potential customers and convert them to real clients. Your customers also get to reach out to you in case of queries and provide you with feedback about your services and this is a step to improvement and development. As such, your contact with your customers creates a bond between you and them which makes them choose your product or services over your competitors.

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