June 12, 2020

There are very many reasons why social media is the best idea for your social media and digital marketing. Social media contests are a great way to increase your following by simply asking people to like or follow you as a way of gaining entry. Social media contests also help to increase your emailing list by people subscribing to your newsletter as a way to participate in the contest and this helps in brand awareness and generating the leads for you.Here are a few examples of social media contest ideas for all platforms that will get your traction flowing

To hold a successful social media contest, you have to set your goals straight and know what exactly you want to achieve from the social media contest. From setting your goal, then it will be smooth to determine what kind of social media contest you would want and what type of prize to give the winners.

Tag a friend or share to win

All you have to do is ask your audience to tag a friend on the giveaways or to share the post to many and one that does the most shares or tagging wins the prize. This creates brand awareness for your products or services.

Photo contest

This requires your target audience to send a selfie or picture of themselves and one that gets the most likes wins. It is probably the easiest since the camera comes with the device they are using to access social media

comment to win

This contest lights up your audience, creates buzz and gets your followers happy, engaged and active. This is the best contest if your goal is to increase your social media engagement. Most times asking them to share their opinion, you’re getting them to think about a topic related to your brand, and you benefit from the engagement and interaction that happens as a result. 

Video contest

These are the most effective. They are attractive and too engaging. Visual content is likely to get you more followers than written content. It is about 10 times more likely to be shared, and have your audience comment on video content than blogs or related social posts. This can help you generate viral growth for your brand and also can generate email leads, grow your fan base, and increase website traffic.

Vote to win

This contest usually prompts users to interact in order to win, and it’s in the contestants’ best interests to spread the word. This helps to create awareness and increase engagement.

Follow to win

The most straightforward way to broaden your audience is to require a follow for contest entry. People on social media don’t just follow. Sometimes you need to spice up your request to achieve the desired effect. How else than to tell your target audience that following can get them to win a prize. Most companies go an extra mile by partnering with an influencer and request the followers of the other to follow both of them in order to win. This broadens your fan base, market and brand awareness.

social media contest ideas

Signup for newsletters to enter

This can help you grow your email list and help you to generate as many leads as possible. All you have to do is ask your audience to subscribe to your email newsletters so as to join the competition or even double their chances of winning by subscribing to your email newsletters. This is a step further for you in your lead generation journey.

Chat to win

KIA Motors Europe developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot that could ask people questions and help them enter to win a special experience. Promoted with click-to-Messenger ads, the chatbot was able to deliver 3,000 registrations.

social media contest ideas

Hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges are popular and help to promote your brand and make it visible. They have been around for a longtime, starting with Cinemagram and Vine, and now TikTok. For example Guess challenged TikTok users with its #InMyDenim campaign that asked participants to create videos depicting their denim transformations which later raked in 37.9 million views.

Holiday contests

Each holiday like mother’s day stages a photo contest and asks your contestants to post a picture of their mothers. Easter, thanksgiving asking people to talk about what they are thankful for, Idi, christmas, hannika, among others you stage a competition and ask your target audience to enter using their email addresses or share.

social media contest ideas


With sweepstakes, you can collect a thousand emails which is great for lead generation. Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang created a sweepstakes on Facebook and Instagram that asked people to share their email address to enter.

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