June 5, 2020

There are lots of benefits your company can gain from using newsletters. With newsletters, your brand can get recognition, and you can use newsletters as a way of keeping in touch with your clients and future prospects between purchases or sales calls. In essence, a newsletter is a valuable marketing resource, and it’s time for you to start writing them as such. Creating a newsletter is not simple. For a newsletter to work for you, it needs to stand out. Here are a few tips to consider when making a newsletter.


Your newsletter should be catchy, short and simple

You need to bring your target audience and readers close to your brand and newsletters are one way to do that. But remember, all can go wrong if you don’t do it well. For a newsletter to be effective, it needs to have a catchy heading or subject line that will make your readers want to read it. It should be short since long newsletters take so much time and makes your readers too busy to read them. It should not be more that 1000 words. Your newsletter should be simple, concise and able to communicate and carry the message you want to pass on to your readers.

Produce content that your potential clients or target audience would want to read

Build your credibility and relationship between you and your clients by producing content that your audience would want to read from your newsletters. Avoid using newsletters solely for publicizing promotions, your newsletters will lose credibility and your readers will feel reluctant to open them. The content produced should be relevant, informative and should create an interest in you and your product or services.


Keep them regular

We live in an era where literally everyone has their email inboxes get piled by many incoming messages day by day. It’s easy to forget and ignore most of these emails. In order not to let your brand be forgotten, it’s good to keep sending your prospects newsletters at least every month. They say out of sight, out of mind. The less you forget to send in your newsletters, the quicker you will be forgotten. It’s very difficult getting the right frequency so that it’s regular enough that you stay in people’s mind

Invest in an attractive layout

Invest in a pleasant layout. An attractive and pleasant layout, with a beautiful colour and the least exaggeration will always attract your prospects and leads to open your newsletter. An attractive layout will always stimulate your reader’s curiosity. Amidst all this, please do take care not to abuse the use of images; they are a complement to the text and therefore should not feature the newsletter and also don’t use emails consisting only of images as they may take a long time to load depending on the browser and device used by the recipient, compromising their engagement with your message.

Customize the name of your brand or company

This is one way to make your brand and company known, trusted and reliable. Do not forget to send your newsletters to those who really have an interest in them; and a good opening and conversion rate is only possible with well-targeted campaigns, with attractive calls and interesting layouts.

Get creative with email subject lines

Your email subject lines should make your newsletter standout from all the newsletters your prospects and leads keep receiving on a daily basis. It should be catchy and clear so that it takes people a couple of seconds to determine whether to read your newsletter or not. If they have to spend time decoding your subject line, you’re reducing the chances of having your newsletter read.

How to create a news letter

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