May 27, 2020

Choosing a career path in Blogging is a big step. There are various bloggers. There are those that do it as a hobby, part-time and full time bloggers especially those that make a career out of it. Blogging is one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Bloggers fall under different kinds. The dreamers, the teachers, the free-lancers etc. Most people take blogging as a part-time job or as a hobby little do they know that one can make a career out of blogging.

Today i present to you the various career paths you can major into if you plan on making it big as a blogger.

career path in blogging

Free-lancer writer

Many book bloggers have found regular gigs as reviewers or freelance writing work with high-paying magazines. Most people think being a blogger has no future but they are wrong. Creating a career path though may take some time, it does not mean there is no future. Some writer I know got a paying gig for a magazine as an expert in social media. That led to jobs at other magazines. With blogging, you get to establish your writing expertise no matter the subject which will attract many magazine and newspaper employers to your direction

Advice columnist 

You have to establish your brand especially as a blogger. Let people trust you and your service especially if you show your expertise in your industry and services you offer. Create a relationship with your audience and all will be well. Many will trust your word and you will be hired as an advice columnist in popular magazines or newspapers.

career path in blogging

A publisher for profits 

Most bloggers I know of are now self made publishers all because of their blogs. Some started off as a way of publishing their books and giving book reviews on many other books but later started doing it to earn a commission from their work. Others are literary agents now. All this because they put themselves out there using their blogs and now they are making it book it the industry. 

Coach and consultant 

Blogging is more than just establishing your blog and having it running. It takes a lot more than that. For you to be a successful blogger, you have to establish your focus and know your speciality. It is also about passion. Choose an area you are passionate about and well versed with. This will make people trust you. I know a number of health fitness, relationship and sex bloggers who have made it big in the blogging world and people consult them and hire them as life coaches. Do you know their secret? They chose to blog about something they are well versed with and passionate about. These created a relationship of trust between them and their clients.

Literary Agent

At least two of the bloggers I met early on are now successful literary agents. They started with book blogs that specialized in reviews. They became well known for careful, unbiased reviews, and eventually were approached by agents looking for interns.After an apprenticeship, both of them were made full-time agents. One has recently opened her own agency. All from a little blog.

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