May 26, 2020

Many people in this era are diverting their money to digital marketing, especially towards blogging and social media, creating more opportunities for contractors, freelancers, or full-time employees to blog for a paycheck. Most of the time blogging is just a hobby. A way to pass time. These days, there are lots of blogs online. It is one of the post popular ways to communicate online. Most successful bloggers are teachers, story tellers, dreamers, writers, etc. contrary to popular opinion, even though blogging is usually a hobby, it can be turned into a career. Here is how to.


Find your focus and have concentration. If you continue treating your blog like a hobby, it will forever be a hobby that you do. It will never turn into a career. Your career needs all your focus and concentration. Avoid destructions and always be committed. Just like in any job or career, focus on your blog, create great content, and learn all you can about building an online business. You will need social media to help you grow, but it needs to be used carefully and strategically. 

Diversify your skills. You need to equip yourself with a wide range of skills if you want your blog to be successful. You need to do a lot more than written content. You need high quality video content, a lot of creative content and interactive features. You need more skills like photography, art, visuals, design and a lot of technical capabilities. These skills will help you enhance your blog and also make it more appealing to your audience. It also makes it easier to market your blog and make it standout. 


Know your strengths and weaknesses. To become successful in any career path, you have to first establish your strengths and weaknesses. After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses especially as a writer. Be honest and ask yourself if you’re really good enough to qualify as a professional. If you think the answer is yes, then, good for you. But if the answer is no, then make it a point to hone your craft until you’re good enough. Doing this will guide you in making your business strategies based on your capabilities.

You need to make yourself known. Establish yourself on all social media platforms. You need to make others read and see your content. You need to join all popular social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. You need to build an audience and also get customers for your services. Focus on getting your personal blog out there. The world is now online. Participate in social networks, and attend industry or blogger events. Even if your blog is in the handmade goat cheese mini-niche, if you’re getting noticed, you’re doing something right, and that’s a great way to start your blogging career.

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