June 8, 2020

Newsletters are one of the most common strategies used by companies because of the benefits one accrues from using them. It is a form of content marketing and a  type of news release that publicizes relevant news, articles, and content for the client especially about the company and is often associated with special offers or benefits. Always make sure that your newsletters contain content that your audience wants to read. Unlike social media followers, the subscribers to your newsletter are all yours. They offer value added information to your subscribers. Newsletters go a long way from persuading your potential clients to trust your brand to converting them into your real customers. Here is why you should consider email newsletters.


Newsletters help you showcase your expertise

The beauty about newsletters is that you can use them to showcase your expertise through the content you write. The first step in all of this is to first understand your audience and determine if that is the content they would want to read. This helps increase a better understanding and knowledge of your brand. With newsletters, you can establish yourself as a strong industry leader, build expertise and this will help you gain trust from your audience and credibility. Always update your newsletters with content your audience would want to read and include future conferences and presentations.

Creates brand awareness

The most important reason as to why most companies will opt for email newsletter is because the newsletters keep their brand in front of their target audience. Always remember that one of the reasons for email newsletters to be effective is to keep them regular so that this way, your leads and audience do not forget you and they will also be constantly aware of your brand. 

A wedding planner might send monthly newsletters on tips for planning a perfect wedding or even showcase beautiful samples for the wedding he has planned before and how he did all that. In a meantime, that might not get him customers but will keep him in the minds of his audience who will at a certain point reach out for his services or share and forward his services to their friends. Most of all it could be as a word of mouth or referral.


Help you maintain contact with customers and prospects 

Regular newsletters help you to maintain contact with your prospects or leads between purchase or sales call. They help you keep contact with them throughout the sales funneling process especially help you keep in contact with a previous infrequent customer so that he keeps you in mind and comes back for more services when he needs them. This helps to build strong relationships between you and your customers or prospects before any sales opportunity.

Newsletters help you capture a broad target audience

When you place information about your newsletter on your website, you get the opportunity to capture email addresses and contact details of future prospects that are interested in your services when they subscribe. At this point, you know what your prospects are looking for. Hence make sure your email newsletters contain the content that your audience would find worthy to read.

Email newsletters are cost-effective

Newsletters by email to all of your customers and prospects is a low-cost method of communication, leaving more in your market budget for advertising or other promotional activities. Unlike other marketing strategies where you need to invest a lot especially in door to door sales pitches or in affiliate marketing, emails are cost-effective and it does not take you a lot of time to send or forward them to your prospects.

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